Running tests

django-filer is continuously being tested on travis-ci.

There is no easy way to run test suite on any python version you have installed without using tox.

The recommended way to test locally is with tox. Once tox is installed, simply running the tox command inside the package root. You don’t need to bother with any virtualenvs, it will be done for you. Tox will setup multiple virtual environments with different python and django versions to test against:

# run all tests in all default environments
# run tests on particular versions
tox -e py27-dj18,py34-dj_master
# run a test class in specific environment
tox -e py27-dj18 -- test filer.tests.models.FilerApiTests
# run a specific testcase in specific environment
tox -e py27-dj18 -- test filer.tests.models.FilerApiTests.test_create_folder_structure

Other test runner options are also supported, see django-app-helper documentation for details.

To speed things up a bit use detox. detox runs each testsuite in a separate process in parallel. Detox also supports using pyenv to install multiple python versions.